Science Fiction Romance

Dragon Pirate's Prize - Dragons of Mars


Leaving Earth and her disastrous life there behind, Laura Martigan thought that a job as a bodyguard on Mars would be easy. But that was before her client, Adele St. George, started to dig into the secrets of Mars's newly-awoken dragon shifters and risking their anger.

When the dragon pirates of Mars try to kidnap Adele, Laura assumes her identity and takes her place. That’s just good bodyguarding, right? It has nothing to do with how attractive the lead pirate is – at least, that’s what Laura tells herself.

Rorax isn’t just frighteningly hot, there’s something about him that’s different from the other pirates. Something that tells Laura she can trust him. But she can’t let on that she isn’t the woman he thought he was kidnapping… can she?


A dragon shifter warrior, Rorax is a man on a mission – to destroy the pirates that menace his own kind as well as the humans. He’s worked hard to infiltrate them and capturing a target as valuable as Adele St. George will give him the way in he needs.

But the woman he seizes is nothing like the delicate princess he expected. She’s strong, beautiful, and capable, and Rorax knows that she has to be his mate. The trouble is that she thinks he’s a pirate, no better than the rest of them – and he can’t risk telling her the truth. If anyone finds out about his mission, they would both be doomed.

When Laura and Rorax’s deceptions collide, they find themselves in deadly danger from the other pirates. Can they escape the pirate lair together? Or will one have to sacrifice themselves to save the other?

No cheating, no cliffhanger - just a steamy dragon shifter science fiction romance with a happy ever after!

DRAGON PIRATE'S PRIZE is BOOK 2 of the DRAGONS OF MARS. You don't have to read them in order to understand the plot, but it will be a richer experience if you do!

Dragon Prince's Mate - Dragons of Mars


Josie Conner always dreamed of going into space, so a job as a technician on a Mars colony was the chance of a lifetime. She looked forward to walking a fresh world, to solving its mysteries -- but she never expected to wake up an alien, asleep underneath the planet's surface.

And she certainly didn't expect the alien to be so...incredibly hot.

Verikan is tall, intimidating, dangerous, and the way his violet eyes look at her makes her heart pound. Josie soon discovers that this bossy, demanding alien doesn't intend to let her go...but the closer they get, the less Josie minds being his prisoner.


Prince Verikan survived the fall of his civilization in stasis deep beneath Mars' surface. Now the dragon shifter and his guards are all that remains of the Dragon Empire that once ruled the stars. His duty demands that he rebuild the empire that is his birthright, and that requires conquering more worlds – starting with Earth.

But the moment Josie rescues him from his long sleep, he knows that the beautiful, curvy human is destined to be his mate. How can he start his reign by attacking her homeworld?

When Verikan’s advisors force his hand, the dragon prince must choose. Will he save his empire at the cost of breaking her heart? Will he sacrifice his people to spare her? Or can he and Josie find a third path to save both their planets, and their love?


Davor - Worldwalker Barbarians

A woman lost amongst the stars

Helen Maxwell hasn't been having a good day. It was supposed to be a chance to be part of something new and to make some money, but instead Dr. Hughes' new teleporter sends her headlong into danger.

Trapped on another world and captured by alien barbarians, she doesn't know what to do. She wants nothing more than to escape, but that seems impossible - until she meets another prisoner who might be able to help. The only problem: once she's met him, she isn't sure she can bear to leave him behind.

An Alien warrior protecting his people

Davor is a warrior, held captive as a hostage against his own Clan and doing his best to protect his fellow prisoners. But when he meets Helen everything is thrown into chaos. The curvy human woman is his mate, and he will not allow anyone to harm her, not matter the consequences. He'd risk anything for her safety.

When their captors put a plan into motion that will doom Davor's Clan, he has to choose between his family and his happiness. Can he stay with Helen and protect his Clan from disaster?


Zovak - Worldwalker Barbarians

Emily Jackson’s life wasn’t going well, and that was before the teleporter accident. Being a test subject for the experiment was meant to be a way to make some desperately-needed money, but instead of sending her across the room it catapulted her across the stars.

Zovak, wolf-shifter and greatest warrior of his Clan, is too busy to worry about finding a mate. His Clan is under attack from their rivals the Fire Wolves, and he is needed to lead them. But when he sees the curvy human woman under attack by enemy shifters, there’s no doubt in his mind. This strange woman from another world will be his, no matter what he has to do to protect her.

Stranded in a desert under the light off two suns, all Emily wants is to find a way home. At least that’s what she tells herself, but the sexy blue-skinned alien warrior who found her has other ideas... and after the way his touch makes her feel, she has to admit she’s tempted to stay.

If she’s going to leave, she’ll have to go back through Fire Wolf territory – and Zovak will have to sacrifice himself and his happiness to send her home.