Arcane Affairs Agency

Furry Shifters. Sexy Vampires. Sassy Witches. Hunky Warlocks…

The Arcane Affairs Agency is ruled by four powerful beings and hidden from human eyes behind wards and spells. Agents are tasked with investigating and upholding paranormal law. Will the sexy heroes and delightful heroines discover love in the line of duty?

A brand new collection of paranormal romances penned by the hottest authors in the genre, each with their own happily-ever-after.

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Arcane Affairs Agency Authors:

Cara Wylde, Cecilia Lane, Ava Glass, Sophia Barron, Camille Laurent, Leslie Chase, Nora Ash, Clara Cody, S.A. Ravel, Amethyst PetersAurora Woodlove, Roxy Wilson 

When Cole North arrives in Argent Falls to investigate reports of magical storms, he doesn’t expect much to come of it. Not after the series of pointless missions the Arcane Affairs Agency has sent him on recently. This time, though, it’s different. The small town is plagued by bizarre weather, the storms are trying to warn him off, and there are fae running wild. And then there’s Fiona.

No matter how much the bear shifter tries to focus on his mission, he can’t get the hot, curvy girl out of his head. But the fae are after her too – and when they try and kidnap her, Cole’s mission and his feelings for Fiona collide.

Fiona’s dreams have always been full of storms and now they’re following her into the waking world. Pursued by the strange, inhuman fae lords for reasons she doesn’t understand, Cole is her only protection. Fortunately, he’s everything she could want in a protector – and in a man. Strong, sexy and brave, he’s enough to keep her safe and drive her wild.

But when the fae reveal the reason for their interest in her, will even Cole be able to protect Fiona from her past? Or will an inheritance she never knew about tear them apart?