Guardian Bears: Marcus

Fate has brought them together again … but can they survive it?
An unexpected reunion …

Lisa Kyle runs the general store in Coldwood. She’s stayed in town to take care of her mother; the only man she ever loved left years ago. But now he’s back — and mixed up with a notorious criminal organization, the Serpent motorcycle club.

Her shock doesn’t change the electric heat between them. The boy she loved is now a dark-haired tower of a man, and his intense blue eyes are irresistible. Lisa knows she should stay away … but she can’t.

A dangerous longing …

Growing up with no parents, Marcus Harrow didn’t understand his bear shifter identity. Now he does — and he also knows that blonde, curvy Lisa is his fated mate. But that only makes things more difficult.

He can’t tell her that he runs the Guardian Bears agency with two of his ex-Special Forces bear shifter friends … or that he’s gone undercover to infiltrate the Serpent MC gang and put a stop to their use of dark forces.

The only way to keep her safe is to keep his distance. But how can he do that when both man and bear want to claim her forever?

A deadly deception

When the gang grows suspicious of Marcus, Lisa and her mother are in the crosshairs. Can he rescue them without blowing his cover? And if he succeeds, will Lisa accept both sides of his nature, or will his deeper identity drive them apart?

Guardian Bears: Marcus is a steamy standalone novel with a HEA and no cheating.