The Lion’s Castle

The Lion's Castle

Fate has brought them together … but will a blood feud tear them apart?

A perilous return

Lion shifter Roman Alexander and his brothers are heirs to the throne of Leotania, a land they fled as children when assassins killed their parents. Years later, when Roman returns to Leotania to claim the throne, he comes face to face with the curvy beauty fated be his mate.

But with assassins after him and his family, he has to fight to protect the woman destiny has chosen for him. And the curvy Anna hides secrets of her own …

A dangerous desire

Anna Hall is the daughter of a rebel leader, determined to the overthrow of the Leotania's lion shifter dynasty. Tasked to spy on Prince Roman as he travels home, the last thing she expects is to fall for him. But one kiss, stolen by the rugged lion shifter is all it takes for him to make her doubt everything.

The tall, gorgeous prince can’t be the shifter monster who would murder his way to power… can he?

***The Lion's Castle is a steamy novel with a happy ever after ending, no cliffhanger and no cheating. The first book of the Lion Princes series, it can be read on it's own or as part of the series***