Tiger's Hunt

Book One of the Four-Part Tiger’s Sword Series.

Lenore Kimble’s life is about to change forever. The curvy admin assistant feels like a fish out of water when she has to attend a fund raising gala for the museum where she works, but being there puts her in the path of the handsome and secretive billionaire Maxwell Walters.

Maxwell isn’t just a billionaire, he’s also a tiger shifter of ancient heritage, and he’s not at the party for the fun of it. He’s there to retrieve an artefact from the collection, and he isn’t the only one interested. Meeting his fated mate along the way wasn’t his plan, but when he sees Lenore, he knows that she’s the one for him.

Can he risk bringing her into his life, while there are people hunting him and his family?

Part one of a four-part paranormal romance story – the story is completed in part four with no cliffhanger and a happy ending. No cheating.