Mated to the Alien Lord

Love is never easy. Love on an alien world is downright dangerous!

With her life on Earth going nowhere, Gemma needs a fresh start. Enter the Celestial Mates Agency, who say they can match her with the perfect alien. And despite the dangers of his planet, Corvax is everything she could have asked for — impossibly hot, brave, and huge.

Now that she’s seen him, there’s no way she’s going back.

Corvax is the Protector of Clan Rohar, and his clansfolk are his priority. If that means putting off finding a mate, so be it — he can make that sacrifice for his people. The clan is in trouble, and that comes first.

His clan have other ideas, though. They want to see Corvax happy, which is why they’ve set him up with a human without his knowledge. Corvax’s first thought is to send her straight back to Earth, but once he meets her he’s not sure he can bear to let her go.

Being the mate of an alien lord isn’t free from dangers. Between storms, pirate attacks, and kidnappings, can Corvax keep Gemma safe? Or will his rivals tear them apart?

Mated to the Alien Lord is a standalone Celestial Mates novel. No cheating, no cliffhanger – just a steamy science fiction romance with a happy ever after!

Finding someone unexpected!!!!
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Michaela is a human in an alien world.

She is not shy and meek. She is a bad ass and will do whatever she has too to protect her friends and herself. When she meet Mykor she is surprised by how drawn to him she is. Mykor is revived to hunt down his former leader. But things change when he meets Michaela. There's something about her that just draws him to her. He cannot get away from her and he doesn't want to. But we'll other forces tear them apart?

I will be recommending this book to family and friends.
Sherry Davis
Sherry Davis
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Michaela was security for "Ladies Choice". She often took jobs when the crew were not out salvaging. On her job as a bouncer, she got into it with the Boss of the Guild of Criminals and Allied Trades' son. Now they were looking for her. Mykor was a Caibar Soilder. One of the best in this universe. When he was awakened from stasis a Vehn scientist. He wants him to find the others like him. To do this he has to find the humans.

This story is full of actions and has funny characters and true love. HEA is guaranteed.
Irene Talbert
Irene Talbert
Love this series...
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It's a fast-paced and standalone that will keep you engaged from start to finish. There's action, adventure, drama, danger, suspense, twist/turns, enemies, survival, intrigue, humor, mystery/secrets, surprises, family, friends/friendships, anger, fear, pain, conflict, resolution, confusion, confidence, strength, courage, trust, truths, stubbornness, struggles, protection, betrayal, evil, frustration, determination, complications, acceptance, confrontations, tension, turmoil (emotional), chaos, happiness, romance, passion/lust and love.

The h works security for Ladies Choice and the H is on a mission to kill one of the h crew. Why?

Read to find out what happens.