The First Crashland Trilogy

On the trip to Arcadia Colony carrying a cargo of human colonists in suspended animation, the Wandering Star is attacked by Prytheen pirates. The muscular blue alien warriors want the terraforming equipment aboard and will stop at nothing to get it. 

Auric, a Prytheen alpha, decides to protect the humans, racing ahead to warn them. And when he arrives, he recognizes the ship’s engineer Tamara as his fated mate.

Trying to save the ship, Tamara jumps the ship into a forbidden system inside the Tavesh Empire. Now, stuck on an unknown planet, humans and Prytheen must work together to survive on the planet they call Crashland.

The second Crashland Trilogy

The humans and Prytheen aren’t alone on Crashland. In the crash, no one spotted the primitive civilization that lived below the plaent’s surface – but they wcan’t stay separated forever. When the native Zrin meet the newcomers to their world, sparks fly between them and the human females they claim as their mates.