A woman lost amongst the stars

Helen Maxwell hasn’t been having a good day. It was supposed to be a chance to be part of something new and to make some money, but instead Dr. Hughes’ new teleporter sends her headlong into danger.

Trapped on another world and captured by alien barbarians, she doesn’t know what to do. She wants nothing more than to escape, but that seems impossible – until she meets another prisoner who might be able to help. The only problem: once she’s met him, she isn’t sure she can bear to leave him behind.

An Alien warrior protecting his people

Davor is a warrior, held captive as a hostage against his own Clan and doing his best to protect his fellow prisoners. But when he meets Helen everything is thrown into chaos. The curvy human woman is his mate, and he will not allow anyone to harm her, not matter the consequences. He’d risk anything for her safety.

When their captors put a plan into motion that will doom Davor’s Clan, he has to choose between his family and his happiness. Can he stay with Helen and protect his Clan from disaster?