Emily Jackson’s life wasn’t going well, and that was before the teleporter accident. Being a test subject for the experiment was meant to be a way to make some desperately-needed money, but instead of sending her across the room it catapulted her across the stars.

Zovak, wolf-shifter and greatest warrior of his Clan, is too busy to worry about finding a mate. His Clan is under attack from their rivals the Fire Wolves, and he is needed to lead them. But when he sees the curvy human woman under attack by enemy shifters, there’s no doubt in his mind. This strange woman from another world will be his, no matter what he has to do to protect her.

Stranded in a desert under the light of two suns, all Emily wants is to find a way home. At least that’s what she tells herself, but the sexy blue-skinned alien warrior who found her has other ideas… and after the way his touch makes her feel, she has to admit she’s tempted to stay.

If she’s going to leave, she’ll have to go back through Fire Wolf territory – and Zovak will have to sacrifice himself and his happiness to send her home.